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From one developer to another

I’m currently involved in developing a Swedish website for finding local activities and friends. We are a small team of 3 friends. I work with the technical stuff, then we have one GUI designer and one other technical guy.

We run the project in our spare time so it’s not backed up financially. I use the project as a platform for learning and trying out cutting edge software technologies. Obviously the usual dream of fame and fortune is as always a motivator 🙂

Functionality that the user in “version 1.0” is suppose to see, feel and use completely decides the order and importance of things to do. Technology is subdominant in the first release. The choice goes to platforms that enables rapid development processes. For this I am using ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework and SQL Server 2008 server side, and lots of AJAX and JQuery on the client side to keep the users happy. I hope these pieces of technology will prove to be a good choice for the mission. is now up and running! I’ll continuously do blog posts about interesting things we encounter, mostly about technical stuff of course 🙂


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